MOJO IS BACK — The Modern Jobs (MoJo) Act, HB 4172  Introduced in House

MOJO IS BACK — The Modern Jobs (MoJo) Act, Delegate Evan Hansen’s (D-Monongalia) solar electricity jobs bill, is back this session as HB 4172!

This bill removes barriers to solar development so that West Virginia stops losing out on jobs in the fastest-growing occupation in the country: solar installers. It allows large electricity users to access solar, so long as the solar arrays are built on former coal mines in West Virginia.

The MoJo Act will also bring jobs to the state for companies that won’t come here now because they can’t access large amounts of renewable electricity. This bill removes that barrier.

Speaker Hanshaw has made comments since the session began, recognizing that companies are asking our Department of Commerce for access to solar electricity in West Virginia.There seems to be enough common ground on this issue to move forward with solar jobs legislation this session.

Here’s how the Dominion Post for endorsed the MoJo Act: “Hansen makes it clear that his legislation is not trying to make value judgments on renewables over fossil fuels. Indeed, it is simply addressing what markets value in 2020 and that is clean, sustainable energy sources. We endorse Hansen’s proposal and urge every legislator to support the bill.”

The bill is referenced to the House Energy Committee, then Judiciary.  Click here to read HB 4172.

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  1. How to help. Seems we should prioritize a small rural state such as WV. Manchin constitutes with good jobs from a Biden administration might just bteak the gridlock

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