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Urgent: Tell Senate Finance NO on Costly Nuclear Bill

West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
Action Alert
Urgent: Tell Senate Finance NO on Costly Nuclear Bill
Mar 8, 2023 View / Comment Online



At any time, the Senate Finance Committee is set to consider HB 2896, which aims to designate West Virginia as an agreement state with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC). However, this move could result in a financial burden of at least 9 million dollars for the state over the next 4-8 years. (As per the US NRC’s estimation, becoming an agreement state takes around 4-8 years.)

The financial impact of HB 2896 cannot be ignored. This amount of money is substantial, especially considering the current funding shortages faced by the WV Department of Environmental Protection (WV DEP), which is already struggling to fulfill its regulatory obligations towards existing industries.

Please contact Senate Finance Committee members and tell them you do not want West Virginia to take on the financial burden of HB 2896! Calls are most effective:

Senator Eric Tarr (Chair): (304) 357-7901
Senator Rupie Phillips (Vice Chair): (304) 357-7857
Senator Jason Barrett: (304) 357-7933
Senator Donna J. Boley: (304) 357-7905
Senator Charles H. Clements: (304) 357-7827
Senator Glenn Jeffries: (304) 357-7866
Senator Mike Maroney: (304) 357-7902
Senator Eric Nelson: (304) 357-7854
Senator Mike Oliverio: (304) 357-7919
Senator Robert H. Plymale: (304) 357-7937
Senator Ben Queen: (304) 357-7904
Senator Rollan A. Roberts: (304) 357-7831
Senator Randy Smith: (304) 357-7995
Senator Chandler Swope: (304) 357-7843
Senator Jack Woodrum: (304) 357-7849

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