Calling all Water Warriors: Resist!

Enough is enough!

Yesterday, the House Energy committee took up HB 2811, a bill that would further weaken the protections of the Aboveground Storage Tank Act (ASTA) by exempting more than two-thirds of the chemical storage tanks that are now covered by ASTA. Not only that, over 29,000 tanks would no longer be registered, let alone regulated. HB 2811 sailed unanimously through, and is now headed to the House Judiciary committee.

We need your help to slow momentum on this bill!

Join us Monday, March 13, 2017 at 8:00am for the Public Hearing on HB 2811 in the WV House Chamber. Rise up with us, and resist these attempts to endanger our clean water supply!

We must remind the Legislature that we have not forgotten the incredibly damaging and life threatening impacts of the 2014 chemical spill by Freedom Industries into the Elk River that contaminated water for 300,000 in the Kanawha Valley.

Please, send a letter to House Judiciary committee members and ask them to protect our water, and STOP offering wholesale exemptions to the oil and gas industries.

Call members of the House Judiciary committee and ask them to vote no on this bill.

Chairman John Shott, (304) 340-3252
Vice Chair Roger Hanshaw  (304) 340-3252
Delegate Barbara Fleischauer (304) 340-3127
Delegate Shawn Fluharty (304) 340-3270
Delegate Andrew Byrd (304) 340-3362
Delegate Joe Canestraro (304) 340-3151
Delegate Moore Capito (304) 340-3340
Delegate Frank Deem (304) 340-3137
Delegate Tom Fast (304) 340-3170
Delegate Geoff Foster (304) 340-3121
Delegate Nancy Foster (304) 340-3392
Delegate Ray Hollen (304) 340-3136
Delegate Phil Isner (304) 340-3145
Delegate Kayla Kessinger (304) 340-3197
Delegate Charlotte Lane (304) 340-3183
Delegate Chad Lovejoy (304) 340-3280
Delegate Rodney Miller (304) 340-3184
Delegate Riley Moore (304) 340-3248
Delegate John O’Neal (304) 340-3164
Delegate John Overington (304) 340-3148
Delegate Mike Pushkin (304) 340-3106
Delegate Andrew Robinson (304) 340-3156
Delegate Kelli Sobonya (304) 340-3175
Delegate Amy Summers (304) 340-3139
Delegate Mark Zatezalo (304) 340-3120

We must resist attempts by powerful special interest groups whose misguided goals would further endanger our clean water supply.

How can you help?

  1. Send a letter, and urge the members of the House Judiciary committee to vote no on this dangerous bill.
  2. Call the members of the House Judiciary committee, and ask them to vote no on this bill.
  3. Share this message with your family and friends, and ask them to take action too!
  4. Rise up and speak out at the Public Hearing at 8:00am on Monday, March 13, 2017 in the WV House Chamber.

Together, we are a strong voice in defense of water and the beautiful mountain state we love.

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  1. I see that incorrectly your website says that 29,000 chemical storage tanks will be exempted from the AST bill. The fact is NO chemical storqge tanks are exemted, only natural gas and oil storage tanks that are already regulated. The Freedom Industries spill was not related to the oil and gas industry. Quit aelling FEAR and try facts.

    1. The last time I checked, oil and gas liquids are actually chemicals, and nasty ones at that when they leak into the air, land and water. And it’s not like the oil and gas industry hasn’t polluted far and wide from myriads of leaks and spills, often the result of shoddy maintenance and lack of working safety devices (imagine how much healthier the Gulf would be today if the Deepwater Horizon well had a functioning blowout protector).

      BTW, I’ll note that Kevin Hartleroad is apparently Vice President of Operations for Stalnaker Energy Corp,

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