It’s Almost Crossover Day! WVEC Bill Update

Hi all….This week has been BUSY! We’ve got a new section on our Bill Tracking called REMAINING BILLS. There you can track the bills we have left as of Day 45 — it will be updated with notes over the weekend!  Below is a shorthand list of where we’re at.


275-Creating Intermediate Court of Appeals (HJUD -> H FIN)

316 – Relating to oil and gas conservation commission membership (HENG)

517 – Creating State Parks and Recreation Endowment Fund (HFIN)

551- Relating to Water and Wastewater Investment and Infrastructure Improvement Act (H FIN)

554-Relating to termination, expiration, or cancellation of oil or natural gas leases (H FLOOR – 1st)

583-Creating program to further development of renewable energy resources (HJUD)

589-Creating Critical Needs/Failing Systems Sub Account (H TECH -> HFIN)

655- Relating to valuation of natural resources land property (H FIN)

3049-Improving dissemination of boiled water advisories to affected communities (S HEALTH)

4001- Creating West Virginia Impact Fund (COMM TO SENATE)

4088-Disposition of funds from certain oil and natural gas wells due to unknown or unlocatable interest owners(SJUD)

4090-Creating the Oil and Gas Abandoned Well Plugging Fund (SFIN)

4217-Authorizing the Department of Environmental Protection to promulgate legislative rules (FLOOR-2nd)

4484 – Relating to the Hazardous Waste Management Fund (SEIM)

4499-Relating to multicounty trail network authorities (SENATE NAT RESOURCE)

4537-Permitting DNR to issue up to 100 permits for boats greater than 10 horsepower on Upper Mud River Lake (Senate NR)

4615 -West Virginia Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (SJUD)

4634-Southern West Virginia Lake Development Study Commission Act (COMM TO SENATE)

4537- Permitting DNR to issue up to 100 permits for boats greater than 10 horsepower on Upper Mud River Lake (SNR -> SFIN)

4645- Establishing the Office of Regulatory and Fiscal Affairs under the JCo on Gov & Finance (COMM TO SENATE)

4661-Relating to the powers of the Public Service Commission and the regulation of natural gas utilities (FLOOR 2nd)



120 – Establishing priorities for expenditures for plugging abandoned gas or oil wells (SJUD)

329 – DEP rule relating to ambient air quality standards (FLOOR- 1st on Monday) [this is mine subsidence rule]

578-Recalculating tax on generating, producing, or selling electricity from solar energy facilities (THIRD ON MONDAY)

611- Permitting third-party ownership of renewable and alternative energy generating facilities (S ECON)

679-Creating Clean Drinking Water Act of 2020 (SJUD)

690- Establishing Overland Recreation Fund (2nd ref waived?? – probable Floor – 1st on Monday)

731- Limiting severance tax break on steam coal (SFIN)

738-Creating Flatwater Trail Commission (FLOOR 1st on Monday)

793-Relating to B&O taxes imposed on certain coal-fired electric generating units (FLOOR – 2nd on Monday)

802 – Relating to public utilities generally (FLOOR 1st ON MONDAY)

810- Implementing federal Affordable Clean Energy rule (To Judiciary)

816- Updating North American Industry Classification System code references (Floor 2nd on Monday)

829 -Establishing Overland Recreation Fund (FLOOR 1st ON MONDAY)

831-Clarifying Economic Development Authority board enter into contracts necessary to carry out duties (FLOOR 2nd on MONDAY)

834-Relating to operation of street-legal special purpose vehicles (S TECH- is running at 690)

840 – Creating statutory fee for modifying permits issued by DEP Office of Oil and Gas (FLOOR- 1st on Monday)


4019 – Downstream Natural Gas Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit Act of 2020 (FLOOR 2nd on Monday)

4079- Altering the definition of an aboveground storage tank(H ENG)

4421-Natural Gas Liquids Economic Development Act (FLOOR 2nd on Monday)

4439-Clarifying the method for calculating the amount of severance tax attributable to the increase in coal production(Floor-1st on Monday)

4443-Shifting funding from the Landfill Closure Assistance Fund to local solid waste authorities (H FIN)

4574 – Establishing Just Transition Support for Coal-Related Jobs (House Gov Org – not reported)

 4613 – Allowing the Division of Highways use money in the Gas Field Highway Repair and Horizontal Drilling Waste Study Fund (MOVED TO DEAD CALENDAR)

4690 – Relating to solid waste facilities (ON 2ND DEAD CALENDAR)

4899-Prohibiting the use of class B fire-fighting foam for testing purposes if the foam contains PFAs  (HJUD)

4953-PSC acquisition of failing utilities and a variety of tools to assist distressed and failing utilities (FLOOR 1st on Monday)

4957-Relating to business and occupation taxes on operators of certain coal-fired electric generating units (H FIN)

4966- Relating generally to updating the North American Industry Classification System code references (FLOOR 1st on Monday)

As we write this, we are waiting for the House to go back in for their 6pm session, so the above is subject to change….the bill tracking website is the best place to find current information!

Reminder – These links are helpful for keeping up with session:

Bill Status

Bulletin Board (Daily Schedules and Events)

Releases (Another place to find schedules announced for next day, and news from legislators)

Lastly, if you’re on Twitter, make sure you’re following us (@WVECouncil) and the House (@WVHouse) and Senate (@WVSenate)!

Updated: February 21, 2020 — 6:59 pm

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