Good Things!

We do have some good things making their way through committees and chambers this session!

3049-Improving dissemination of boiled water advisories to affected communities. This bill is on its way to Senate Health. It provides for a text and voice system from public utilities when a customer has a boiled water advisory

4088-Disposition of funds from certain oil and natural gas wells due to unknown or unlocatable interest owners. This bill receives funds from county circuit courts with owners not to be found after 7 years and moves them to the Abandoned Well Fund

4090-Creating the Oil and Gas Abandoned Well Plugging Fund. This bill takes half of the severance tax for low producing wells and puts it in a fund for plugging abandoned and orphaned wells.

4645- Establishing the Office of Regulatory and Fiscal Affairs under the JCo on Gov & Finance. This bill would create an office to create accurate fiscal notes for legislation. Currently they are drafted by the office that it affects, so they are not very unbiased.

840 – Creating statutory fee for modifying permits issued by DEP Office of Oil and Gas. This bill creates a $2500 fee for modifying an oil & gas permit, which is currently free. This gives more money to the DEP!

4574 – Establishing Just Transition Support for Coal-Related Jobs. This bill establishes an office for connecting resources with coal-affected communities!

583-Creating program to further development of renewable energy resources. This bill allows for more solar in West Virginia!

SCR46 – Request the DEP and DHHR propose and initiate a public source water supply study to sample PFAs. This bill is a study resolution allowing the agencies to sample and test 250+ community water systems to check the levels of PFAs!


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  1. So is SB611 dead?

    1. Probably, unless WV’s mini-Mitch can be goaded into doing his job:

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