GREEN, Volume 30 Issue 9

West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
GREEN Legislative Wrap Up
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The good, the bad, and the ugly…
It took us a few days to decompress to compile everything that’s happened over the last 60 days. Here’s a breakdown of the most important bills we worked on.
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Action Needed – Tell Governor Justice to VETO HB4615
House Bill 4615, the anti-protest bill being touted as “criminal infrastructure protection,” is intended to intimidate and silence environmentalists. It hands industry even more power, with no regard for our people. Further criminalizing actions that are already illegal is unnecessary and will further crowd our jails and prisons.
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We Couldn’t Do It Without You
Linda Frame
What a legislative session it's been! We are so proud of the hard work accomplished by our lobby team, Karan and Kayla, over the past 60 days. They tracked over 300 pieces of legislation, attended countless committee meetings, worked with our membership groups and coalition partners to strategize and advocate for pro-environmental legislation, put together urgent calls to action, and wrote and sent out a newsletter each week.
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Thank you from your lobby team!
From me and Kayla to our friends on the West Virginia Environmental Council board, our friends from the member groups, and all of you who helped shore up the work we were doing in the Capitol, a giant THANK YOU!
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