GREEN, Volume 30 Issue 10

West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
GREEN Volume 30 Issue 10
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Welcome to the first post-session issue of GREEN! While so much has changed since we last reached out to you, I hope that you and yours are safe and healthy. In these times it is important, now more than ever, for us all to stay connected, and we hope this newsletter helps by playing a small role.

While so much has changed, there is reason for hope. Spring is here, flowers are blooming, trees are leafing out, the days are getting longer, and the hummingbirds are back. Nature reminds us that the cycle of life carries on.

This newsletter is a compilation of articles from our member groups and a place where you can stay connected with what is going on around the state. The WVEC would not be here without them. Please support them how you can – with a donation, a membership, and/or a click on their calls to action.

Thanks to the support of our member groups and our members like you, we plan to hire a part-time interim lobbyist and outreach coordinator (see article). Having a year-round presence in our community is a long-term WVEC goal. Please help us by reading these pages, joining our board, becoming a volunteer, renewing your membership, liking us on Facebook or Twitter or donating. Learn more at or email me at

Thank you!

Be well,

Linda Frame
WVEC President

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West Virginia fails to legalize Power Purchase Agreements
Solar United Neighbors
The 2020 regular session of the West Virginia Legislature is drawing to a close without action on solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). After several false starts in the state Senate and House of Delegates, legislation supporting PPAs failed to materialize this year.
Tagged: Power purchase agreementsRenewable energy
Send an “I love My Solar” postcard
Solar United Neighbors
Remind our elected officials that solar is important to you! Send them a postcard using the templates at This is an election year, and lawmakers need to hear why we love our solar!
Tagged: Renewable energy
Let’s Kick ASH
During the Legislative Session, E-Council lobbyists and member groups were keeping an eye on legislation that would support a proposed regional build-out of a colossal petrochemical complex in the Ohio River Valley region.
Tagged: Appalachian Storage HubHealthPollutionWater
River Rally will be completely virtual in 2020 – register now!
WV Rivers Coalition
Hosted annually by River Network, River Rally provides an inspiring and energy-infused touchpoint for nonprofit groups from across the U.S. and beyond, as well as for agency and foundation representatives, industry innovators, philanthropists, academics, students, and community leaders.
Tagged: Water
Policies to Support Communities Post-Coal and Post-COVID-19
Congress must take specific action to help coalfield communities rebound from the economic challenges that existed before COVID-19 and that continue to worsen amidst the pandemic. At the same time, actions to stimulate the economy must have the support of communities directly impacted by abandoned mine sites, including when and whether to start working in the face of COVID-19.
Tagged: HealthLegislation
WVDEP Releases Revised Human Health Protections
WV Rivers Coalition
Human health criteria determines how much of a toxin can be in our water before human health is put at risk. Strengthening criteria based on the best science available has long been a priority of WV Rivers and E-council. Did you know that West Virginia’s current human health criteria is based on data that is over 30 years old?
Tagged: HealthLegislationWater
This Election is Vital! #GoVoteWV
WV Citizens for Clean Elections
During the 2020 Legislative Session, E-Council lobbyists helped Julie monitor bills relevant to WVCCE’s work to protect and improve democracy, fair courts, and judicial independence in West Virginia. Right now WVCCE is focused on making sure people are ready to vote in the June 9 primary. If you aren’t already registered to vote, you have until May 19 to do that for this upcoming election.
Tagged: Clean elections

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