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WVEC Legislative Update

GREEN Vol. 25 Issue 2 View / Comment Online DonateJan 25, 2015

Fracking and water contamination
Dismantling Silos
Bill Price
This past Friday and Saturday, I went to the Peoples’ Concerned about Chemical Safety’s conference entitled “Looking Forward”. The goals of the conference were to have residents have conversations about local chemical safety, look at how solutions that have worked elsewhere, and to be a part of local solutions to prevent water contamination. And there’s that common thread again….water contamination. More
Net metering
Can Young Innovation and Entrepreneurship Change the Course of the 2015 Regressive Legislature?
Rob Goodwin
There is one thing that repealing the WV Alternative Energy and Renewal Portfolio Standard (SB1), legislation limiting flexibility in the creation of a State Clean Power Plan HB2004 / SB4, and mandating state DHHR, DNR, DEP rules are no more stringent than federal rules (HB2269) have in common. They are priority bills at the top of the 2015 Legislature’s agenda closing doors for opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurship. More
Solar energy
Repeal of the Alternative and Renewable Portfolio Standards Act Passes both Houses
Vickie Wolfe
In last week’s “Update,” we told you that both legislative chambers had produced committee substitutes for S.B. 1 and its companion bill H.B. 2001; these are bills that propose to repeal West Virginia’s Alternative and Renewable Portfolio Standard (AREPS). Both committee substitutes retain the net metering provision of the AREPS. More
Debate highlights W.Va.’s inaction on energy diversity, efficiency
Ken Ward
As lawmakers move to dismantle West Virginia’s six-year-old alternative-energy law, they tout their action as another effort to help the state’s declining coal industry. However, state records show that the 2009 law actually does little to hurt the coal industry and maybe even less to really promote alternatives like wind energy or solar power. West Virginia’s coal-heavy utilities say they have been — and will continue to be — able to meet the law without adding new renewable generation. More
both feet
Here’s a Great Idea–Let’s Shoot Ourselves in Both Feet!
Vickie Wolfe
Friday saw the introduction of H.B. 2269, whose purpose “is to require rules of the Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Natural Resources and Department of Commerce be no more stringent than corresponding federal law or regulations.” Now, most of you who are reading this newsletter probably understand the relationship between “statutes” and “rules,” but here’s a thumbnail explanation. More
Important Dates ‘n Other Stuff
Vickie Wolfe
February 18: E-day at the Capitol, followed by the WVEC's awards dinner that evening. More... More

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