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Ask Mitch Carmichael to Save the PPA Bill

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Time is running out for energy freedom in West Virginia!

SB 611, a bill to legalize on-site Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) was single referenced to the Senate Economic Development Committee. But, it never appeared on that committee’s agenda.

Senate President Mitch Carmichael has the power to ask the Chair to call a special meeting of the Economic Development committee this week.

He can also to re-route SB 611 to a different committee where it will receive a fair hearing before it’s too late.

Contact Senator Carmichael

SB 611 will allow all West Virginians to choose renewable energy so we can:

  • Lower our electric bills,
  • Avoid utility rate hikes, and
  • Stabilize our monthly budgets.

SB 611 takes care of the little guy – our homeowners, small businesses, and tax-exempt institutions like schools and churches. This bill will create good new jobs for West Virginia workers. It will encourage homegrown entrepreneurship. It will attract employers to locate and invest in our state. And it will do all this without raising rates or hiking taxes.

Click here to ask Senate President Mitch Carmichael to give SB 611 a fair hearing in committee and on the Senate floor.  His phone is (304) 357-7801.

Thank you for taking action to support solar in West Virginia!


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