Clean Drinking Water Act of 2020 Introduced, Contact Your Delegates

by WV Rivers Coalition

Some good news from the legislature! 

A new bill led by Delegate Hansen (D-Monongalia), called the West Virginia Clean Drinking Water Act of 2020, was introduced in the House as HB4542.

WV Rivers and the West Virginia Environmental Council endorse this bill which aims to identify and reduce exposure to class of chemical toxins known as polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS. These substances are “forever chemicals” and accumulate in the environment. A main source of exposure to PFAS is through contaminated drinking water.

The Act takes four important steps:

  1. Establishes PFAS water quality criteria to set safe limits on the amount of PFAS chemicals allowed in our water supplies.
  2. Sets a statewide maximum contaminant level (“MCL”) on the amount of PFAS allowed in tap water.
  3. Requires polluters to report and monitor their use of PFAS.
  4. Creates an interagency WV PFAS Action Response Team.

Now is the time to let your delegates know that you support the Clean Drinking Water Act! Send them a message here.


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  1. Safe drinking water is a fundamental right.

  2. Clean water is essential. We must deal with PFAs to safeguard our water.

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