Budget Bill $$ for Environmental Programs

By Rob Casto, WVEC Lobby Team

Going into this year’s session there were a lot of concerns regarding budget cuts to various agencies and programs for Fiscal Year 2022. While we all seem to focus our attention on legislative issues, the budget process plays a significant role in our ability to achieve our priorities. 

After reviewing Enrolled Committee Substitute for HB2022 we found that most agencies, funds, and boards important to our members were maintained from Fiscal Year 2021 levels. Working with our representatives we were able to keep these programs from sustaining cuts and kept at prior-year funding levels.

Below are some of the vital programs that did not see any reduction in appropriations.

Mountaintop Removal Fund                           $1,959,808

Air Pollution Control Fund                              $7,715,495

Solid Waste Reclamation Fund                      $4,511,448

Oil and Gas Reclamation Fund                      $2,500,000

Mining and Reclamation Operation Fund       $5,970,191

Environmental Quality Board                          $133,483

West Virginia Drinking Water Program          $647,500

West Virginia Conservation Agency              $1,023,235

West Virginia Air Quality Board                      $76,053

Underground Storage Tank Admin Fund       $814,817

Division of Forestry                                         *$5,449,688    (FY21 $3,422,568)

*Increase from FY21 was due to the inability to collect severance tax and sell timber due to COVID restrictions.

Updated: April 16, 2021 — 6:19 pm

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