Ask Members of the WV House to Vote No on HB4182

WVEC is passing on this action alert from WV Rivers.

HB4182, the house version of the bill to open up state parks to commercial logging, could be considered by the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee on Tuesday morning. As they are currently considering whether to take up the bill, now is the time to let these committee members know that commercial logging does not belong in our state parks.

You can add your personal story to this letter. Share with lawmakers why state parks are important to you.

There’s no doubt your letters and calls are making an impact in stalling the bill! Let’s keep the pressure on! 

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  1. I am writing to urge you to OPPOSE HB 4182. Cutting down 50% of the trees in parks to pay for a backlog of improvements and maintenance sounds insane! There has got to be a more sustainable and responsible way to pay for this backlog. I urge you to go back to the drawing board and find a better way to deal with this problem.

  2. I want to let you know of my opposition to HB 4182. State parks were set up to be protected from commercial logging operations and not to supply state coffers with operational funds needed because of energy industry tax cuts. Yhis will help damage our tourism industry and cost the state even more revenue than can ever be gained. I also feel that someone close to the Governor has designs on high dollar virgin timber located in some of our parks and suggest that this be investigated also.

    Thank you.

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