Citizen Lobbyists Activate!

This week we were joined by Tabatha Cheke and her daughter, a host of friends and supporters from Tucker County Day and the usual Capitol avengers.

Tabatha Cheke’s daughter delivering the message to Governor Justices Office “Trees are worth more alive than dead”

Many thanks to Chad who created a great hand out, and to Paula Kaufman who created the wonderful art pieces you see below.

Every voice matters, every talent matters and we encourage you to participate in whatever way you can toward stopping HB 4182 /SB270. We appreciate the meme makers, the legislative callers, the eye to eye meetingers, the Facebook protesters, the tell your neighbors to tell your neighborers and on and on – we are SAVING OUR STATE PARKS and it feels good to be in community with so many voices. KEEP SINGING.

Remember EVERYDAY is citizen lobbyist day – we would love to see you on Tuesday’s but ANY day you are welcome to join the E-Lobbyist Team –  just an hour can make a difference.

~ Crystal Good



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