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This Bill is Trash (Literally)

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On Monday, HB4690, relating to solid waste authorities, is up for second reading, with a final vote on Tuesday morning. This bill quickly went through House Judiciary last week, with one civil engineer testifying in favor of the bill. The Solid Waste Authorities oppose this bill and so do we!

HB4690 is aimed at helping one specific company to use the former Fola mine site in Clay and Nicholas counties as a mega-dump landfill. Get this: 80% of the waste will be brought in by rail from the New Jersey. Why should we trash West Virginia hills with waste from the Northeast?

Maybe they think it would be a great way to cash in on solid waste tipping fees. Wait a minute – IN THIS BILL, THEY ARE EXEMPT FROM THOSE FEES! AND, FROM REGULATION UNDER THE PSC OR THROUGH COUNTY REFERENDUM. The people who will have to live with this smelly heap, and diminished air and water quality, won’t even be able to say: WE DON’T WANT IT!

The private engineer who is part of this project and testified in committee says that the company will be able to take over the water treatment issues from the State, thereby saving them money.

Why is this bill good for the people of West Virginia? It isn’t!

Read more here about a very similar situation in Kentucky….it stinks.

Please reach out to your Delegates and tell them to OPPOSE HB 4690.

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  1. Do not pas Bill HB4690. It is not for the people of Clay County. We want a waste free county. We don’t need New Jersey’s waste in our county.

    Please vote NO on this bill.

    Thank you.

  2. Please vote against Bill HB4690

  3. NO!! We Do Not want other states trash, period!! Each state should take care of their trash…WHY should FOLA, LEATHERWOOD and Bickmore areas be the ones to put up with this??…We have suffered enough!! So NO, We don’t want the HB4690 bill to pass!! And WE SHOULD HAVE THE SAY IN THIS!! KEEP THE TRASH OUT OF THE FOLA COAL AREA!!

  4. Vote NO!!! to HB4690!

    It’s deplorable enough what the coal companies have done to the lands where I used to hunt and fish as a youngster. They have literally raped the land of all its value and beauty, turning the hills and hollows into barren wasteland that wouldn’t support a murder of crows. Now, as if to add insult to injury, they are proposing to turn what little that remains into a garbage pile for NEW JERSEY!

    The citizens of Clay County do not deserve this! VOTE NO TO HB4690!!!!

  5. I strongly second K C Burroughs ‘ comment. Do Not pass this bill. Focus instead on projects like the ERTS and similar endeavors. Thank you.

  6. WE do not want this. Don’t turn our Beautful State into a Dumping ground for the East trash. I say NO NO NO. Let them solve their own problems not give it to us. They want to turn the last piece of heaven here on earth into a cespool. NO NO NO.

  7. The EPA has totally destroyed the coal industry but would allow this. That is beyond unacceptable.

    1. ??? Cheap fracked gas is the primary reason for the decline of coal (and for the accelerating decline of WV). Also the insatiable greed of the billionaire ‘owners’ of the coal companies and the massive long term environmental devastation of their operations is what has destroyed the coal industry and the health of their miners and everyone downstream or downwind of their mines or coal power plants. Wholesales destruction of mountains continues because they can still make a huge profit for themselves before declaring bankruptcy and walking away.

      The trash proposal is just more of the same – greed by those in a position to make a lot of money by dumping their trash on WV.

      BTW, what does the EPA have to do with this trash proposal, if they are even aware of it? Wouldn’t it be the WV DEP (one of coal and other polluters’ biggest supporters) and the WV legislature trying to dump this on us?

  8. I’ll bet the plans were to get this passed, start pumping all them mines full of toxic waste from the drill sites also! you know all that glow in the dark stuff the industry are trying to hide from the residents

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