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Blog Vickie Wolfe October 30, 2009
Why Coal-to-Liquids is a Bad Idea
by Vickie Wolfe We’re hearing a lot these days about so-called “clean coal” technologies, one of which is a process for producing liquid fuel for use in motor vehicles. The fact is, however, that of all the things that can be done with coal, this is the worst—for a number of reasons. First, the process that […] More
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Blog Vickie Wolfe October 29, 2009
What is “Sustainable Development”?
by Vickie Wolfe Sustainable development is defined as “Paths of economic and social progress that meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs.” It might help to compare it with most people’s goal for retirement savings: ideally, they would like to be able to accumulate enough […] More
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Blog Vickie Wolfe October 28, 2009
Bottled water or tap?
by Vickie Wolfe Is our tap water truly so contaminated that it’s really necessary to buy bottled drinking water? Probably not, if it comes from a regional or municipal distribution system (e.g. West Virginia American Water). This water must meet certain quality standards set forth in the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The legal limits for contaminants […] More
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Blog Vickie Wolfe October 26, 2009
What Pollutes Our Water?
by Vickie Wolfe Here’s another quiz for you: Which of the following represents the greatest water pollution problem in the U.S.? discharges from power plants urban and agricultural runoff industrial discharges sewage Correct answer: b. A common misconception is that industry, untreated sewage, etc. are the primary sources of water pollution in the U.S. The federal Clean Water […] More
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Blog Vickie Wolfe October 25, 2009
Reducing Our Ecological Footprint
by Vickie Wolfe Here’s a little quiz for you:  Rank the following actions in order from GREATEST to SMALLEST positive impact on the environment: (a) Becoming a vegetarian (b) Recycling (c) Having fewer children (d) Driving a more fuel-efficient vehicle A similar question to this one appears on the quiz I give my introductory biology […] More
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Blog WVEC October 24, 2009
Lifeboat Earth
By Bob Mertz Like a ship at sea our Earth moves through the hostile vastness of space, and like a ship we are all in the same boat. If Earth’s life sustaining ecological systems fail we will all perish. On the Titanic the rich as well as the poor died. Today we are taxing the ability of our […] More
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