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Also: Save the Dates! November 26 at the Empty Glass – WVEC annual GREEN Jam January 14 at the Empty Glass – 2020 Legislative Session kick-off blast January 28 at the State Capitol – E-Day!

Comment on Rockwool’s Permits by 10/31 – WV Rivers’ Makes it Easy

Location of the Rockwool Facility, view the original map here

Rockwool is a mineral wool insulation manufacturing facility proposed in Jefferson County. The facility is owned by parent company Roxul. 

WVDEP is accepting public comments on two of Rockwool’s permits; the Construction Stormwater Permit (WVR108876), which regulates erosion control and stormwater runoff during construction and the Industrial Stormwater Permit (WVG611896), which regulates permanent stormwater management following completion of the facility. You can submit comments to WVDEP on these permits through October 31. 

We’ve prepared a fact sheet to help you prepare your comments. View it as a webpage here, or download a printable PDF here. You can read WV Rivers’ draft comments on the permits: WVG611896 and WVR108876.

Comment now! We made it easy for you to submit your comments online through WV Rivers action tool here

The WVEC Board of Directors invites you to apply for our 2020 lobby team. We are looking for motivated and qualified lobbyists as well as a lobby team coordinator to represent our members at the State Capitol during the 2020 Legislative Session. Please review this Request for Proposals for more information. The deadline to apply is November 17, 2019.

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West Virginia Environmental Council

P.O. Box 1107
Charleston WV 25324
phone: 304-414-0143              email: info@wvecouncil.org

October 18, 2019

Request for Proposals for (A) Legislative Lobbyists and (B) a Lobby Team Coordinator

A: Request for Proposals for Legislative Lobbyists:  

The WV Environmental Council (WVEC) requests proposals to fill a team of two or more persons to perform legislative lobbying during the 2020 regular Legislative Session, which runs from January 8, 2020 through March 7, 2020.  

Please include in your proposal the number of hours and days each week you are available during the regular Legislative Session. 

Proposals should include: contact information, relevant experience, and monetary expectations — subject to experience, negotiation of duties and time commitments. Please indicate whether you would be interested or willing to commit to following environmental issues with state and federal agencies year around, including during interim Legislative Sessions that follow the regular Legislative Session. 

In addition to daily lobbying activities and bill tracking, lobbyists are required to write articles for our GREEN weekly newsletter to provide updates to WVEC members. Lobbyists are also expected to meet as requested with the WVEC Government Affairs Committee, including participation in a post-session assessment of the lobby team’s performance.

Lobbyists are expected to work effectively in a team environment and communicate regularly with member groups regarding how activists from the member groups can be involved in lobbying efforts. They are also required to participate in and assist with the 2020 E-Day lobby day on January 28, 2020 at the Capitol.

Lobbyists are expected to reside in the Charleston WV area during the Regular Session.

In your proposal, please address the following questions: 

  1. How would you facilitate the use of WVEC member groups and other supporters in assisting our lobbying efforts? 
  2. How would you collaborate with other lobbying groups, such as teachers, social workers, organized labor, children’s issue advocates, health issue advocates, etc. into a coalition, as appropriate, to further enable WVEC to reach its environmental policy goals?
  3. What skills and qualifications do you possess that would make you an effective member of the WVEC lobby team?


B: Lobby Team Coordinator:

The WV Environmental Council (WVEC) requests proposals for a person to work full time as a combined lobbyist and lobby team coordinator during the 2020 regular Legislative Session. The lobby team coordinator is expected to begin preparation work in December 2019 and to meet with the WVEC Government Affairs Committee or the WVEC Board of Directors in advance of the start of the 2020 Legislative Session. He/she will also be required to represent WVEC at the January 2020 Interim Session (January 5-7), if they are held. 

Duties include: Assisting with assembling and coordinating a lobby team, lobbying, and day-to-day direction, management and oversight of lobby team members and activities. The lobby team coordinator serves as the liaison to the WVEC Government Affairs Committee and the WVEC Board of Directors, which is likely to include scheduled weekly calls with the Government Affairs Committee. Additional duties are as stated above under section A. 

Proposals for the lobby team coordinator should include information as stated above under Section A as well as highlight experience, skills and techniques for managing a team in a fast-paced environment.


Proposals are due November 17, 2019. Please e-mail your proposal to WVEC Legislative Coordinator Frank Young.  

Hard copies of the proposal may also be mailed by the deadline to:

WV Environmental Council
P.O. Box 1007
Charleston WV  25324

Direct any questions to: Frank Young.

Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your proposal!

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