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Please Call Delegates and Ask Them to Vote NO on Solar Bonding Bill

West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
Action Alert
Please Call Delegates and Ask Them to Vote NO on Solar Bonding Bill
Apr 8, 2021 View / Comment Online



SB 492 is on second reading today in the House. The bill would establish a program for bonding to reclaim abandoned wind and solar generation facilities.

We oppose the bill as it is currently written, as we are concerned that this will further discourage the development of renewable energy by requiring high bonding costs for wind and solar projects in our state. 

Proponents of SB 492 argue that this bill will assure companies will not abandon properties, leaving the state responsible for cost and clean-up. This creates an uneven playing field, however, as the coal and gas industry has abandoned strip mines and gas wells for taxpayers to clean up and is not subject to the same levels of bonding requirements this bill is proposing for solar and wind projects.

We are monitoring possible amendments to see if we can support the bill. Please contact your Delegates and urge them to vote NO on this bill.

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