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West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
GREEN Legislative Update
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No Commercial Logging in Any West Virginia State Park
Karen Yarnell
On Monday, February 12, the Senate Natural Resources Committee replaced SB 270, the bill opening all our state parks to commercial logging, with a substitute “pilot program.” The substitute bill restricts timbering to Watoga State Park.
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House Passes Cotenancy Bill
Karan Ireland
On Thursday, the West Virginia House of Delegates did what they had been unable to do the over the past few years: they passed the controversial cotenancy bill, aka forced pooling lite.
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Join us at the Capitol for Eday 2018
Keena Mullins
The 2018 session is coming to a close and we are swiftly approaching WVEC’s annual Eday at the Capitol. This year we would like to see more faces than ever before, and have many conservation organizations represented.
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In Search Of
Chuck Wyrostok
This Legislative Session is over the hump…past the midway point…and our WVEC team is in ISO mode (in search of). ISO Capitol Activists – ISO Group Profiles – ISO EDay Exhibitors
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Shameless Appeal for Funds
Frank Young
As we are at the midway point of the 2018 regular session of the Legislature, the WV Environmental Council Treasurer reminds readers that we are incurring heavy costs each day the legislature is in session.
I’m just a bill.
Crystal Good
I’m certain some of you remember School House Rock the cartoon music video for “I’m Just A Bill” that came out in 1975 as part of Schoolhouse Rock: America.
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Jim Justice’s Logging Bill is on the Ropes, Act Now to Make Sure It Doesn’t Hurt One Single Park!
On Monday, 2/12, the Senate Natural Resources Committee discussed SB270, the state parks logging bill. During the meeting, the original bill opening all our state parks to commercial logging was replaced with a substitute.
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WVEC’s Priority Bills
Keena Mullins
WVEC's Bill Tracking list
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