GREEN, Volume 28 Issue 2

West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
GREEN Legislative Update
Jan 19, 2018 View / Comment Online Donate
SOS Parks- Save our State Parks
Karan Ireland
The big news this week out of the Capitol is trees! Secretary of Commerce Woody Thrasher has outlined a plan to allow logging in state parks. Bills requested by the Governor to codify this plan have been introduced on both sides in the past week: SB 270 and HB 4182. Click here or on image to read more.
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Proposed Changes to Surface Mining Rule
Karan Ireland
As the first full week of the legislative session comes to a close, we here at the Environmental Council have been keeping our eyes on several DEP rules and bills related to water quality. Click here or on image to read more.
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The Citizen Lobbyists
Crystal Good
Rumor has it that the Governor’s Office has been inundated with citizens like you calling to say NO to Bill SB270. SB 270 was initiated by Governor Justice’s Office and seeks to lift the 80-year-old moratorium on timbering State Parks. Click here or on image to read more.
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