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The WVEC now has a Twitter account!  Our handle is @WVECouncil.

This will allow us to be in touch with you in real time about what’s happening in the marble halls, what committee meetings you might want to stream live, etc.  You can also find out quickly—maybe before we’re able to get out an action alert by e-mail–when we urgently need your calls/e-mails/presence/etc.

Don’t have a Twitter account?  It’s so easy to get one.  Just go to and choose a login, password, name and “handle” (which could be your name, or maybe you’d prefer an alias, say Treehugger99; just don’t exceed 15 characters).  Then search for WVECouncil, and select “follow.”  Of course there are lots of other interesting Tweeters to follow also.  But you are not ever required to post a tweet yourself if you don’t want to; you can use Twitter simply to keep up with what’s going on with others.

See ya there, tweet, tweet!

Updated: September 23, 2015 — 12:10 pm

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