A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Change

From Citizens’ Climate Lobby of West Virginia

This week, the newly formed West Virginia Climate Alliance released A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Change. This colorful publication outlines the science of why our planet is warming, the impacts of climate change, and potential solutions for addressing the climate crisis. 

The Guide was written by West Virginians for West Virginians. Jim Probst and Sandra Fallon, CCL West Virginia’s co-coordinators, as well as Charleston Chapter member Perry Bryant, worked diligently for the formation of the West Virginia Climate Alliance. The Alliance is a broad-based, West Virginia-focused coalition of environmental, faith-based, civil rights, and civic organizations, with special outreach to young adults, in order to address the climate crisis.

We hope you’ll enjoy this informative publication! Feel free to circulate it to anyone who might be interested in understanding more about climate change and potential solutions.

Click here to read the Guide.


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