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Old LogoGreetings on Earth Day 2018!

“Think Globally, Act Locally” was the theme of the first Earth Day in 1970. This is still a true guide to Greening our world. Of course, now that Climate Change has been identified as an extreme global crisis, our situation is even more critical than the polluted air, rivers and toxic dumps that spurred the 1970’s movement.

Your WV Environmental Council was formed in the late 1980’s and ever since has been a leader in advocating for a cleaner, greener West Virginia and planet. Our work is focused locally at the WV Statehouse fighting the pollution lobby in all its forms. It’s a tough, never-ending struggle but nature depends on us to have her back!

Your E-Council has had many significant victories in its long history – the two of the most significant are the Groundwater Protection Act and Comprehensive Solid Waste Act. The first protecting our precious water resources and the other empowered our county Solid Waste Authorities that kept a flood of out-of-state garbage from filling up our hollows with Mega-Dumps!

Today we’re asking you to “Give Locally” to your E-Council so we can continue the legacy and fight for environmental justice right here in West Virginia. Go now to wvecouncil.org and become a contributing member of our locally grown Council for all things Green!

On this 48th anniversary of the original Earth Day, your support will help keep West Virginia Wild & Wonderful!

In Solidarity,

Gary Zuckett, board member & past president, WV E-Council


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