We’ve hit a milestone in the fight for solar rights in West Virginia

From our partners at Solar United Neighbors 

When solar supporters join together, we win. Over the past six months, Solar United Neighbors has joined forces with other organizations to protect solar in West Virginia. And now, we’ve reached an agreement with FirstEnergy subsidiaries MonPower and Potomac Edison. We’re just waiting for the Public Service Commission to give its final approval. 

As with any compromise, we didn’t get everything we wanted. But overall, this settlement is a good step forward for solar in our state. Let’s break down what it means for you.

If you’ve already gone solar: The settlement will allow current solar owners to continue benefiting from one-to-one net metering for 25 years. That means that you’ll keep earning fair credit for the surplus energy your solar panels generate. 

Additionally, small businesses, schools, and churches with solar panels will be credited at a higher rate than they used to. This is a big win for expanding this type of solar. 

If you want to go solar: If you’ve been considering going solar in West Virginia, there is no better time than right now. Anyone who starts the process of going solar by the end of 2024 will be able to lock in one-to-one net metering for 25 years. You’ll just need to submit a request for grid interconnection by December 31.

Anyone who goes solar after 2024 will receive a lower net metering rate. Instead of the current rate of 11 cents per kWh, they’ll be credited at 9.34 cents per kWh. That means they won’t earn as much credit for the surplus energy their panels generate.

If you support solar rights: Parts of this settlement are worth celebrating, but the fight for our solar rights is not over. Right now, West Virginia lawmakers are considering several bills that would protect and expand solar for West Virginians. Let lawmakers know that you support these bills!

Make your voice heard!

Let’s keep up the fight for energy freedom!

Thank you,

Leah Barbor
West Virginia Program Director
Solar United Neighbors

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