Public Hearing This Friday on Lifting WV Nuclear Ban: 10AM in the House Chamber

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Public Hearing This Friday on Lifting WV Nuclear Ban:
10AM in the House Chamber

Jan 26, 2022 View / Comment Online



There will be a public hearing on Friday, January 28 at 10:00AM in the House Chamber on HB 2882, a bill that would lift West Virginia’s long-term ban on nuclear facilities in the state. Please come speak out on whether or not you think this is a good idea for West Virginia legislators to pursue.

The West Virginia Environmental Council does not support or oppose this bill but calls upon legislators to study this legislation during interims so its intent can be more fully researched and the many questions surrounding allowing nuclear power in our state adequately answered. We are particularly concerned about how waste from these facilities will be managed.

The public hearing will be in person. Please plan to arrive early to sign in if you wish to speak. 


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  1. no amount of additional studying will change the fact that reducing co2 levels is better than flooding the environment with thousands of tons of additional radioactivity for hundreds of thousands of years

  2. I can’t believe the E-council has no position on this bill. As I remember, the E-council had a lot to do with getting the ban enacted in the first place. This is largely because there is NO PROPER WAY to store nuclear waste.

    We (humanity) are kidding ourselves if we think we can “properly” manage materials that are radioactive for such a long term.

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