GREEN, Volume 29 Issue 2

West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
GREEN Legislative Update
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Manufacturers Serve Nothing Sandwich at DEP Session on Water Quality Standards
Karan Ireland
We continue to work hard to ensure that the DEP rule on water quality standards is as protective of human health as possible. The DEP meeting was held yesterday, Thursday, January 17, at its headquarters in Kanawha City at 2:00 pm. Dozens of citizens concerned about their health and the safety of their water took time out of their days to attend the meeting
Tagged: DEPPollutionWater
Pro-Democracy Platform
Kayla Young
When legislators listen to regular West Virginians, they can work with us to pass bills that make West Virginia a better place to live. The governor can sign those bills into law, and our courts can uphold those laws.
Tagged: Clean elections
Legislative action needed to prevent future environmental crisis
Ben Kessler
Oil and gas wells that have not been plugged at the end of their productive lives can become a nuisance to property owners. Unplugged wells can leak oil, gas, and brine onto a property, and can be a conduit for bacteria and septic runoff to enter your groundwater.
Tagged: DEPOil and gas
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) legislation to see light of day
Karan Ireland
Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are a widely available method to finance distributed energy generation projects such as rooftop solar panels or landfill bio-gas. These agreements are legal in at least 26 states, including Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Georgia, but are NOT available in West Virginia.
Tagged: Renewable energy

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