WV Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

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Senate Transportation and Infrastructure
Barrett, Jason 16 - Rjason.barrett@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7933
Clements, Charles H.02 - Rcharles.clements@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7827
Hunt, Mark 08 - Rmark.hunt@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7841
Jeffries, Glenn 08 - Rglenn.jeffries@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7866
Karnes, Robert 11 - Rrobert.karnes@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7973
Oliverio, Mike 13 - Rmike.oliverio@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7919
Phillips, Rupie 07 - Rrupie.phillips@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7857
Plymale, Robert H.05 - Drobert.plymale@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7937
Roberts, Rollan A.09 - Rrollan.roberts@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7831
Stuart, Mike 07 - Rmike.stuart@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7939
Swope, Chandler 06 - Rchandler.swope@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7843


Email addresses – Triple click on the list below to select all emails, then copy and paste into β€˜To’ field to send a personal email to all committee members: (Click here or scroll up for district, phone & email of each member)

jason.barrett@wvsenate.gov, charles.clements@wvsenate.gov, mark.hunt@wvsenate.gov, glenn.jeffries@wvsenate.gov, robert.karnes@wvsenate.gov, mike.oliverio@wvsenate.gov, rupie.phillips@wvsenate.gov, robert.plymale@wvsenate.gov, rollan.roberts@wvsenate.gov, mike.stuart@wvsenate.gov, chandler.swope@wvsenate.gov