WV Senate Outdoor Recreation Committee

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Phone and email for calling members or individual email contact: (Click here or scroll down for a list of email addresses that can be copied and pasted all at once)

Senate Outdoor Recreation
Caputo, Mike 13 - Dmike.caputo@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7961
Chapman, Laura Wakim01 - Rlaura.chapman@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7918
Deeds, Vince 10 - Rvince.deeds@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7959
Grady, Amy 04 - Ramy.grady@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7855
Martin, Patrick 12 - Rpatrick.martin@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7845
Maynard, Mark R.06 - Rmark.maynard@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7808
Rucker, Patricia 16 - Rpatricia.rucker@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7957
Smith, Randy 14 - Rrandy.smith@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7995
Stover, David 09 - Rdavid.stover@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7807
Stuart, Mike 07 - Rmike.stuart@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7939
Taylor, Jay 14 - Rjay.taylor@wvsenate.gov(304) 357-7914


Email addresses – Triple click on the list below to select all emails, then copy and paste into β€˜To’ field to send a personal email to all committee members: (Click here or scroll up for district, phone & email of each member)

mike.caputo@wvsenate.gov, laura.chapman@wvsenate.gov, vince.deeds@wvsenate.gov, amy.grady@wvsenate.gov, patrick.martin@wvsenate.gov, mark.maynard@wvsenate.gov, patricia.rucker@wvsenate.gov, randy.smith@wvsenate.gov, david.stover@wvsenate.gov, mike.stuart@wvsenate.gov, jay.taylor@wvsenate.gov