WV House Rules Committee

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House Rules
Anderson, William08 - Rbill.anderson@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3186
Barrett, Jason61 - Djasonbarrett@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3188
Bates, Mick30 - Dmick.bates@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3180
Caputo, Mike50 - Dmike.caputo@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3249
Cowles, Daryl58 - Rdaryl.cowles@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3177
Ellington, Joe27 - Rjoe.ellington@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3269
Espinosa, Paul66 - Rpaul.espinosa@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3310
Fleischauer, Barbara Evans51 - Dbarbaraf@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3127
Foster, Geoff15 - Rgeoff.foster@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3121
Hanshaw, Roger33 - Rroger.hanshaw@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3210
Hill, Jordan41 - Rjordan.hill@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3269
Householder, Eric L.64 - Reric.householder@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3230
Howell, Gary G.56 - Rgary.howell@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3192
Kessinger, Kayla32 - Rkayla.kessinger@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3197
Miley, Tim48 - Dtim.miley@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3240
Miller, Rodney23 - Drodney.miller@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3184
Pethtel, David05 - Ddave.pethtel@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3158
Shott, John27 - Rjohn.shott@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3227
Sponaugle, Isaac55 - Disaac.sponaugle@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3154
Summers, Amy49 - Ramy.summers@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3220


Email addresses – Click on email list below to select the entire list, then copy and paste into β€˜To’ field to send a personal email to all committee members: (Click here or scroll up for district, phone & email of each member)

bill.anderson@wvhouse.gov, jasonbarrett@wvhouse.gov, mick.bates@wvhouse.gov, mike.caputo@wvhouse.gov, daryl.cowles@wvhouse.gov, joe.ellington@wvhouse.gov, paul.espinosa@wvhouse.gov, barbaraf@wvhouse.gov, geoff.foster@wvhouse.gov, roger.hanshaw@wvhouse.gov, jordan.hill@wvhouse.gov, eric.householder@wvhouse.gov, gary.howell@wvhouse.gov, kayla.kessinger@wvhouse.gov, tim.miley@wvhouse.gov, rodney.miller@wvhouse.gov, dave.pethtel@wvhouse.gov, john.shott@wvhouse.gov, isaac.sponaugle@wvhouse.gov, amy.summers@wvhouse.gov