WV House Judiciary Committee

Click here to to open a new email addressed to all members of the House Judiciary Committee.

If the above link does not work with your email software, the list of email addresses below can be copied and pasted into an email address field:

andrew.byrd@wvhouse.gov, joe.canestraro@wvhouse.gov, moore.capito@wvhouse.gov, frank.deem@wvhouse.gov, tom.fast@wvhouse.gov, barbaraf@wvhouse.gov, shawn.fluharty@wvhouse.gov, geoff.foster@wvhouse.gov, roger.hanshaw@wvhouse.gov, jason.harshbarger@wvhouse.gov, ray.hollen@wvhouse.gov, phil.isner@wvhouse.gov, kayla.kessinger@wvhouse.gov, charlotte.lane@wvhouse.gov, chad.lovejoy@wvhouse.gov, rodney.miller@wvhouse.gov, riley.moore@wvhouse.gov, john@overington.com, mike.pushkin@wvhouse.gov, ben.queen@wvhouse.gov, andrew.robinson@wvhouse.gov, john.shott@wvhouse.gov, kelli.sobonya@wvhouse.gov, amy.summers@wvhouse.gov, mark.zatezalo@wvhouse.gov

Name, party, district, capital address, phone, and email. The phone area code is always 304. The complete mailing address for any committee member is:

Room #, Bldg. 1
1900 Kanawha Blvd. E.
Charleston, WV 25305

Andrew Byrd D 35 Room 151R 340-3362 andrew.byrd@wvhouse.gov
Joe Canestraro D 4 Room 151R 340-3151 joe.canestraro@wvhouse.gov
Moore Capito R 35 Room 220E 340-3340 moore.capito@wvhouse.gov
Frank Deem R 10 Room 276M 340-3137 frank.deem@wvhouse.gov
Tom Fast R 32 Room 220E 340-3170 tom.fast@wvhouse.gov
Barbara Evans Fleischauer
Minority Chair
D 51 Room 151R 340-3127 barbaraf@wvhouse.gov
Shawn Fluharty
Minority Vice-Chair
D 3 Room 4R 340-3270 shawn.fluharty@wvhouse.gov
Geoff Foster R 15 Room 223E 340-3121 geoff.foster@wvhouse.gov
Roger Hanshaw
R 33 Room 408M 340-3252 roger.hanshaw@wvhouse.gov
Jason Harshbarger R 7 Room 225E 340-3195 jason.harshbarger@wvhouse.gov
Ray Hollen R 9 Room 224E 340-3136 ray.hollen@wvhouse.gov
Phil Isner D 43 Room 151R 340-3145 phil.isner@wvhouse.gov
Kayla Kessinger R 32 Room 227E 340-3197 kayla.kessinger@wvhouse.gov
Charlotte Lane R 35 Room 227E 340-3183 charlotte.lane@wvhouse.gov
Chad Lovejoy D 17 Room 151R 340-3280 chad.lovejoy@wvhouse.gov
Rodney Miller D 23 Room 150R 340-3184 rodney.miller@wvhouse.gov
Riley Moore R 67 Room 225E 340-3248 riley.moore@wvhouse.gov
John Overington R 62 Room 242M 340-3148 john@overington.com
Mike Pushkin D 37 Room 6U-B 340-3106 mike.pushkin@wvhouse.gov
Ben Queen R 48 Room 206E 340-3171 ben.queen@wvhouse.gov
Andrew Robinson D 36 Room 151R 340-3156 andrew.robinson@wvhouse.gov
John Shott
R 27 Room 418M 340-3252 john.shott@wvhouse.gov
Kelli Sobonya R 18 Room 207E 340-3175 kelli.sobonya@wvhouse.gov
Amy Summers R 49 Room 215E-A 340-3139 amy.summers@wvhouse.gov
Mark Zatezalo R 1 Room 201E 340-3120 mark.zatezalo@wvhouse.gov