SUNtober Right Around the Corner

by Autumn Long, Solar United Neighbors

Solar can be a complex topic. But not during SUNtober!

Solar United Neighbors is shedding light on how to go solar and how to advocate for more solar in your local community and across the nation!

From the National Solar Tour to our National Solar Congress, the month of October will bring exciting opportunities to hear from acclaimed solar experts, learn how to go solar from real solar homeowners and our knowledgeable staff and volunteers, connect with fellow solar supporters from around the country, and so much more!

Join us for SUNtober! RSVP here:

National Solar Tour
September 28-October 4
The National Solar Tour is the largest grassroots renewable energy event in the nation. This year, we’re going virtual! The National Solar Tour brings together hundreds of solar home and business owners, schools, community organizations, farms, and more. They’ll share with you their solar stories, and you will get to connect, ask and answer questions, and participate in a nationwide virtual solar tour experience. RSVP here:

National Solar Congress
October 5-October 31
We’ve hosted state solar congresses throughout the country. Now, we’re excited to bring together solar experts and supporters from across the nation for the first National Solar Congress. Virtual sessions will cover topics including how to go solar and what to do once you have solar, how to advocate for solar policies, the solar landscape in your community, and much more. RSVP here:

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  1. urgent we have a community meeting tomorrow re rezoning farmland in Jefferson County for solar installations. Perfectly fine farmland. I am investigating policies in countries like Germany and Austria, way ahead of us in solar development. They recommend against using good farmland- what is your stance ?
    If possible respond today or send your recommendations directly to
    thank you

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