Federal Threat to Net Metering & States’ Rights

Protect Your Solar Rights!

A message from our partners at Solar United Neighbors

A secretive group of special interests are trying to strip away solar rights. If they succeed, families and businesses won’t be fairly credited for the valuable solar energy they produce.  

  • If you already have solar, it could cost you thousands of dollars.
  • If you don’t yet have solar, it could limit your ability to go solar in the future.
  • If you’re a solar installer, it could mean fewer jobs and less revenue. 

This group has asked federal regulators to seize states’ ability to ensure you receive fair credit for the electricity you produce.

Join Solar United Neighbors & Vote Solar to take action to stop the threat to net metering and states’ rights. Please go here to take a quick action and speak out In support of solar!  https://www.savesolar.org/

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