Marcellus Tour Report

Thirteen people gathered on Sunday, October 11th for a tour of Marcellus drilling sites in Wetzel County. The first picture is what tour leader Bill  Hughes calls “your grandfather’s gas well, a tiny thing in comparison to the multi-acre wellpads used with horizontal fracturing. The next two shots are on the same site, which is now completed and therefore quiet and mostly bare. This was true of the other sites we looked at, too. The exception was the Mark West fractionating plant, which is pictured in all the other photos. It took four shots on my camera to capture the whole breadth of this incredible monstrosity from a lookout hill maybe a hundred feet above it. Amazingly, Duane Nichols said this plant can be run by three people. I don’t think my photos really captured the gargantuan size of this plant, hidden in a remote location.

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