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Ask Legislators to Help Identify Toxic Chemicals in Our Drinking Water

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WVEC is passing on this alert from our friends at WV Rivers.

Late last week, a Senate Committee took a step towards safer drinking water with the introduction and passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 46.

Our executive director, Angie Rosser, testified to the committee in support of the Resolution. You can watch video of the committee meeting, including Angie’s comments here, the discussion starts at 4:55:30PM. This Resolution requires the WVDEP and WVDHHR to identify PFAS in drinking water supplies. On Monday, 2/24, the Senate passed SCR 46 and the Resolution is now in the House Health and Human Resources Committee and must advance to passage in the House before the session ends on March 7.

Contact members of the committee today! Ask them to help identify toxic chemicals in our drinking water by supporting SCR 46.

While CSR 46 doesn’t include the all the provisions outlined in the Clean Drinking Water Act of 2020, it’s an important first step towards protecting our water and health from toxic PFAS which are known to cause cancer and other serious ailments.

The Resolution requires the WVDEP and DHHR to sample raw, or untreated, water supplies at locations across the state for the presence of PFAS. The data from the study will help regulatory agencies better protect public health and ensure the water we drink is safe.

ACT NOW: Tell members of the House Health & Human Resources Committee to help make our drinking water safer by supporting SCR 46.

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  1. You all work for us..How about opting to stop and vote against bills that will do us all harm medically and financially? PLEASE!
    Many of these in front of you are engineered to hurt me and to hurt the people that you love..
    Please VOTE in a manner that protects us all, instead of harming us.

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