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Republican obstructionists at the capitol in Charleston are defending the statues quo and obstructing a cleaner and brighter future for West Virginia.  The House Judiciary committee has denied a public hearing request on a bill that will in effect cause the federal government to make a clean power plan for West Virginia. HB 2004 will prohibit the state from creating new programs in energy efficiency that will lower electric bills and save West Virginian’s money.  HB 2004 if passed will create a missed opportunity for economic transition as the state creates a plan to comply with new regulation to combat climate change. Tell the House Judiciary  committee before 2PM today to oppose HB 2004 by emailing the following delegates:

House Judiciary Committee

John Shott (R), Chair  john.shott@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3252

Patrick Lane (R), Vice Chair  patrick.lane@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3252

Tim Manchin (D), Minority Chair  tmanchin@manchininjurylaw.com  (304) 340-3331

Stephen Skinner (D), Minority Vice Chair  stephen.skinner@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3248

Mike Azinger (R)  mike.azinger@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3202

Frank Deem (R)  frank.deem@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3137

Tom Fast (R)  tom.fast@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3170

Michael Folk (R)  michael.folk@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3350

Geoff Foster (R)  geoff.foster@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3121

Roger Hanshaw (R)  roger.hanshaw@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3135

Lynwood Ireland (R)  woody.ireland@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3195

Kayla Kessinger (R-Fayette, 32) kayla.kessinger@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3197

John B. McCuskey (R)  john.mccuskey@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3183

John Overington (R)  john@overington.com  (304) 340-3148

Kelli Sobonya (R)  kelli.sobonya@wvhouse.gov(304) 340-3175

Amy Summers (R)  amy.summers@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3139

Ryan Weld (R)  ryan.weld@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3367

Mark Zatezalo (R-Hancock, 01) mark.zatezalo@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3120

Andrew Byrd (D)  andrew.byrd@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3362

Barbara Evans Fleischauer (D)  barbaraf@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3127

Shawn Fluharty (D)  shawn.fluharty@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3270

Justin Marcum (D-Mingo, 20) justin.marcum@wvhouse.gov (304) 340-3126

Clif Moore (D)  clif.moore@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3165

Larry L. Rowe (D)  larry.rowe@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3287

Steven Shaffer (D-Preston, 52) steve.shaffer@wvhouse.gov  (304) 340-3160

Send an email to all committee members by copying the list below and pasting into your email ‘To’ field:

john.shott@wvhouse.gov, patrick.lane@wvhouse.gov, tmanchin@manchininjurylaw.com, stephen.skinner@wvhouse.gov, mike.azinger@wvhouse.gov, frank.deem@wvhouse.gov, tom.fast@wvhouse.gov, michael.folk@wvhouse.gov, geoff.foster@wvhouse.gov, roger.hanshaw@wvhouse.gov, woody.ireland@wvhouse.gov, john.mccuskey@wvhouse.gov, john@overington.com, kelli.sobonya@wvhouse.gov, justin.marcum@wvhouse.gov,
amy.summers@wvhouse.govryan.weld@wvhouse.gov, andrew.byrd@wvhouse.gov, barbaraf@wvhouse.gov, shawn.fluharty@wvhouse.gov, clif.moore@wvhouse.gov, larry.rowe@wvhouse.govkayla.kessinger@wvhouse.govsteve.shaffer@wvhouse.govmark.zatezalo@wvhouse.gov

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