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February 8, 2016 Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe
URGENT: Contact Senators TODAY; come to the capitol TOMORROW
Contact Senate Judiciary members TODAY; come to the Capitol for water events TOMORROW.
Issues: Clean ElectionsWater
February 5, 2016 Legislative Updates WVEC
Green Vol. 26 Issue 4
Water, Water, Water…did I say WATER!!, BEWARE of Regulatory Reform!, Local Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP) Act (SB 370) Introduced, Health Impact Assessment Bill Introduced, Today I am feeling pensive, More evidence!, More to Read, Bills We Are Tracking
February 2, 2016 Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe
Help! Clean water under attack!
We're expecting the House Judiciary Committee to take up water rules this Friday, February 5. Long story short, the regulations on aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) that were passed by the Legislature in the wake of the 2014 Freedom Industry spill have been weakened at every step of the way.
Issues: Aboveground tanksAluminumSeleniumWater
January 29, 2016 Legislative Updates WVEC
Green Vol. 26 Issue 3
Roundup of the Week’s Activities, How we live, E-Day, Great Song, Great Cause, You–yes, YOU–can make a difference!, Bills We Are Tracking
Issues: Aboveground tanksAluminumCoalHealthSocial justiceWater
January 29, 2016 Blog Vickie Wolfe
How to be an Armchair Lobbyist
So much information can be obtained via the legislature’s website that it’s possible to do a great deal of lobbying from home. My goal here is to provide a set of instructions for doing that.
Issues: Legislation

In memorian of West Virginia Environmental Council member Larry GibsonCelebrating Larry Gibson: The Life and Legacy of the Keeper of the Mountains
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