Friday, 8:30 a.m.: Public hearing on ASTA rollback bill! Please come!


  West Virginia Environmental Council Action Alert View / Comment Online Tell the West Virginia House of Delegates we won’t accept legislation that leaves our water systems, families, and communities at risk! The House is having a public hearing on S.B. 423 Friday, March 6 at 8:30 a.m. in the House Chamber It’s urgent that we […]

Dirty Money, Clean Elections, and Rabbit Holes


This is my third stint lobbying for the WVEC, and I’ve seen some pretty amazing things.  Some of them have happened this session, like the introduction of a bill that would’ve rescinded non-discrimination ordinances passed by several local governments in the state. However, what I saw today takes the cake. But before I tell the […]

Stinky Deal in SB27 to Bring Trash from New Jersey to McDowell County Dies in Senate Finance Committee

Out of State Trash

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed as amended SB27 on Saturday to allow McDowell county voters to decide if they want 50,000 tons of out-of-state trash rolling in monthly by rail and disposed of in county.

To attempt to avoid constitutional provisions prohibiting bills from only applying to a single county and with the intent of this bill to only apply to a single county, Sen. Hall (Wyoming ) agreed to amend the bill introduced through a committee substitute to only pertain to counties with populations less than 40,000 people.


In memorian of West Virginia Environmental Council member Larry GibsonCelebrating Larry Gibson: The Life and Legacy of the Keeper of the Mountains
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Updated: January 1, 2015 — 7:43 pm
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