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August 25, 2016 Action Alerts Paul Dalzell
Let’s not get caught with our pants down this year!
We all know what has happened these last two years in the West Virginia Legislature: as you worked hard to make our state better, others have worked together to damage our waters, our land, and our rights. This is your best opportunity to stop them.
Issues: Legislation
August 9, 2016 Blog Karen Yarnell
WVEC and WVHC Biennial Joint Fall Conference 2016
Please register by October 10 so we can have a meal count for the camp. (Reservations will be accepted at the conference for registration and lodging only. Late lodging is based on availability. Meals must be booked in advance.)
Issues: WVEC event
August 5, 2016 Action Alerts Paul Dalzell
Submit Your Comments on WV’s Water Quality Standards
Water Quality Standards are the legal basis for controlling the amount of pollution entering our waters. They are designed to protect and maintain water quality for safe use and enjoyment. Through August 9, you have the chance to provide input during the public comment process.
Issues: Water
August 3, 2016 newslink Paul Dalzell
Calling Aspiring Communications or Environmental Professionals!
OneWatershed is a FREE weekend training program for college students and junior and high-school seniors, September 9–11 at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV. West Virginia Rivers’ OneWatershed brings together watershed groups and students interested in communications and the environment. Students receive training as communications and public relations professionals — and help watershed groups use digital media to attract new volunteers...
Issues: Water
July 27, 2016 Blog Angie Rosser
Floods show need for more public investment, not less
Like many of my Clay and Kanawha county neighbors, I watched the Elk River rise throughout the day June 23. I was in denial that the river would ever reach into my home. Denial quickly transformed into resignation when I could see the muddy waters coming up through my floor vents.
Issues: LegislationSocial justice

In memorian of West Virginia Environmental Council member Larry GibsonCelebrating Larry Gibson: The Life and Legacy of the Keeper of the Mountains
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