Tell Your Senators to Say “No” to HB 2506

URGENT: the WV Senate is likely to consider the Toxic Water Bill, HB 2506, this week. Your Senators need to hear from you now! Send a letter!
Tell your Senators to keep more toxins and cancer-causing chemicals out of our drinking water supplies and vote NO on HB 2506! Calls are also important to reinforce the message – find Senators phone numbers here.
If you’ve been tracking HB 2506 you’ve probably heard some misconceptions and false statements about the bill. That’s why we’ve prepared a new fact sheet on HB 2506. We’re fact checking some of the most persistent and misleading claims.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will be taking HB 2506 up any day now, we need you to put pressure on them to reject this bad bill. Contact those committee members today!

We know your letters are working! Last week, while the house was debating HB 2506, you sent OVER 10,500 letters against the bill! Check out this article on how your letters helped convince a Republican Delegate to break party lines and vote against HB 2506.
Let’s keep the momentum going as the WV Senate considers HB 2506! Send a letter now!
Updated: March 6, 2017 — 4:02 pm


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  1. I am a WV land owner. I hope you will vote against the cancer creek bill. You need clean water as much as anyone.

  2. I am a WV landowner. I want clean water for myself,my family and all the people of WV. Maybe you just don’t understand,but you need it for yourself and your family. Don’t sell us out to corporate greed.

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