Ask Governor Justice to veto HB 2506

This week, both HB 2811 and HB 2506 were passed by the West Virginia Legislature, and await the Governor’s signature. Both bills chip away at protections on our drinking water, placing industry over concerns for public health.

Sign the petition, and ask Governor Justice to veto HB 2506. Ask him to stand up for water and the health of all West Virginians.

Updated: March 30, 2017 — 7:29 am


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  1. Please veto HB 2506; please stand up for water and the health of West Virginians.

  2. You drink the water too.

  3. Governor Justice, please Veto bill HB 2506! Please help protect West Virginia for generations to come!

  4. Please, people have worked hard to clean up our streams and waterways. Don’t push us back to the 70’s when the water was brown and red and not safe to play.

  5. We need our water to b better not worse

    1. Clean water=healthy citizens. PLEASE veto HB2506.

  6. If we don’t have potable water in WV what will we have?

  7. Elizabeth Sneathen

    I want to live! And I want West Virginia to grow economically. The Cancer Creek bill will keep tourists out of our state. We need tourism and those of us who are West Virginians don’t want to get cancer.

  8. Please keep our water safe.

  9. Laura Michelle Bayer

    Why are we regressing in West Virginia? Why has in become such an issue to have clean water for the citizens who reside here? We have already seen the environmental atrocities that corporations and mining companies have done to our state, and allowing these bills to move forward continue to hurt that people that live in the beautiful state. There are more jobs in tourism then in mining anymore, do you want people to continue to wonder why we are last in education, why we continue to be a state where young people don’t want to live because there is nothing for them here? This is about doing the right thing for generations to come, not about a few peoples monatary gain in poisoning the rest of us. We cannot drink money. None of us.

  10. Please protect our waters and veto HB 2811 and HB 2506.

  11. Because of this bill and other bad decisions currently being made in our legislature, I am encouraging my daughter – who will graduate from Marshall this spring – to look for jobs in other places that value clean water more than WV apparently does. Please veto this bill and give me some hope that our children and their children will have clean potable water.

  12. Please veto SB2506. You are elected by the people to protect the people from corporations . Please stop the contamination of the water of WV. We need clean water to survive.

  13. Please veto SB2506 .

  14. We ALL deserve & expect clean water. I don’t understand how this is even debatable.
    I want to play in the creeks with my grandson some more.
    I want him to be able to play in the creeks with his children.
    Let’s be realistic. Water is life.

  15. Gov. Justice, please show you care about our state’s precious water resources and veto SB2506. Your responsibility is to the citizens of West Virginia, not the corporations who continue to take our resources and leaving environmental disasters.

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