Take Action to Update Human Health Protection in WV’s Water Quality Standards – SB 163

Water quality and the rules that govern it have become a focus of the 2019 legislative session. One of the most controversial and contentious bills this session deals with outdated human health protections in West Virginia’s water quality standards. The House committees will likely be voting on whether or not to update those protections early this week.

WVDEP submitted a bill to the WV Legislature with revisions to our water quality standards that included updates to the allowable limits for 60-toxins, based on the latest science. The first legislative committee to take up the bill removed the updates – the next committee restored the limits – then a third committee removed them again without allowing for any testimony or debate. Last week the WV Senate voted to pass the water bill without the updates.

Now the House is considering the bill. They have the opportunity to restore the updated human health protections. They are hearing from industry interests, but they need to hear from you! Let Delegates know that you need them to protect public health. Tell them you want updated human health protections in West Virginia’s water quality standards. 

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Update Human Health Protection in WV’s Water Quality Standards – SB 163

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