Making multi-address email links with optional subject and body

Start with ‘mailto:’ (the email equivalent of http://) and append a comma separated list of email addresses, resulting in the following for the house finance committee. That’s all you need. Embed the email link the same as you would a link to a web page: The url below opens a new email with all addresses filled in.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Update- 2/25/2018:  GMail apparently does not pay attention to the subject and body attributes – instead of filling in the subject line or body text Gmail appends the extra attributes to the list of email addresses, which causes gmail not to be able to send the email.  So stop here and go with the simple clickable link above….

To automatically fill in the subject line, add ‘&subject=YOUR_SUBJECT_HERE’ (don’t enter quotes). The url below opens a new email with the subject line filled in.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

To pre-fill text in the body of an email, add ‘&body=YOUR_TEXT_HERE’. The url below opens a new email with subject and body text.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Important notes:

  • If you pre-fill the subject line or body, avoid using ampersands (&) in the subject or body, since they are delimiters for fields. I’d also avoid using double quotes, though they might work okay, depending on software.
  • The committee pages on include generic clickable links. But you can put custom links with pre-filled subject and/or body directly into an alert – they will probably work more reliably with gmail, yahoo, and other webmail recipients if clicked on in the email rather than being clicked on in a web page (because the recipient may not have configured their computer to open gmail from a web link).
  • Remember, at least for CiviCRM, if you put a multi-email link in a bulk mailing, you need to turn off click tracking for that mailing or the link will not work (a checkbox on a tab in the new mailing window).