Petrochemical Lunch & Learn Series

This summer, join the Black Appalachian Coalition- BLAC for a lunch & learn series on the impacts of petrochemical development on Black communities in Appalachia.
Petrochemicals are harmful to human health and the environment. The process of making petrochemicals used to make plastics and pesticides creates dangerous air and water pollution. People, and especially children, living near petrochemical production facilities have higher risk of many types of cancer, birth complications, asthma and respiratory illness, and kidney disease.
These facilities tend to be located in Black communities and poor communities because of decades of racial discrimination in housing and financial services. Research shows, in majority-Black census tracts, the estimated risk of cancer from toxic air emissions is more than twice the risk found in majority-white tracts. In 2021, the United Nations officially declared petrochemical growth along “Cancer Alley” in the US Gulf Coast a form of environmental racism.
Join Black Appalachian Coalition- BLAC to learn more & take action. Bring your lunch and tune in at noon on the fourth Thursday of each month to hear from experts & frontline residents about petrochemical development and its outsized threat to Black communities:
Health Harms | Thursday, June 22 @12PM
Air, water, and land pollution and its direct and indirect effects on human health.
Future events in the series: 
What We Can Control | Thursday, July 27 @12PM
How to avoid unhealthy petrochemical exposures, including labeling and food choices.
Better Choices | Thursday, August 24 @12PM
Building a fossil-free future: developing renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, recycling, and sustainable design.
Action Plan | Thursday, September 28 @12PM
Policy changes, community choices, and personal choices.